Welcome to Valby Buses

At Valby Buses in Copenhagen we offer competent driving to and from events in Denmark and abroad. We guarantee that safety is always a toppriority. Our happy and accommodating drivers help ensure that the tours are characterized by a good atmosphere and mood.


Buses with focus on comfort

We believe that our punctuality and security is imperative for you and your company to have a pleasant trip in comfortable and atmospheric settings. Driving is a lifestyle for us, therefore a bus ride is more than just driving between two points - it's an experience that provides joy and social encounters.


Transportation with a smile

We can help with transportation in many shapes and sizes, and common to all our trips is that our many years of experience allow us to transport people with a smile. We know what good transportation is - so whether you need a bus for local trips in Valby, a few kilometers from Copenhagen city center, or transportation to a hotel abroad, we can be of assistance.

Rent a bus with a driver in Copenhagen.


Buses with good service at a reasonable price

A high level of service does not need to cost a fortune, and that is precisely what we offer at Valby Buses. We are extremely flexible and always deliver a non-binding offer at a competitive price. A fixed price is agreed in advance, so you never get unpleasant surprises.

You can contact us today at phone 40 20 50 45 or on our website - We will get back to you with a non-binding offer as soon as possible.